Variety Entertainment for Special Events

For nearly a quarter of a century, Professor Farquar has delighted audiences at fairs, festivals, historical re-enactments and other special events.  He has proven to be adaptable to a myriad of performance situations; from serving as an opening act for a grandstand headliner, to entertaining folks in the ticket lines.  At county fairs, Farquar has provided welcome diversion between livestock judging events.  He’s enlivened community and corporate picnics.  As “master of ceremonies,” the good Professor has added a professional touch to talent shows, baby contests and queen competitions.  As a “free stage” attraction, he has enthralled crowds of all ages.

Professor Farquar and his diminutive side-kick, Polecat Annie, are dynamic roving entertainers, able to perform almost anywhere.  Whether it’s a close-up magic trick, a juggling lesson,  or merely a photo opportunity, they can create an exceptional one-on-one experience that your patrons will never forget.  Annie offers unique “hands-on” divertissement for both children and adults, typical of the 19th Century; with old-time games of skill, face painting and more.  One favorite feature is her informal seminar on palmistry; a  diversion that was all the rage in the 1860's,  popularized by America’s First Lady,  Mary Todd Lincoln. 

When presenting Farquar and Annie,  keep these letters in mind; “S-S-S-S-P-P.”
They stand for “shade, seating, staging, sound,  power,  publicity.”  SHADE: choose a location  where your  patrons will be comfortable.  SEATING: you’ll want to provide portable bleachers,  benches or straw bales.  STAGING:  a simple stage (8' x 12') is adequate.  SOUND: If Farquar is sharing the stage with other acts, you will need to provide a sound system that’s acceptable to all (Farquar carries his own PA System that fits his specific needs).  POWER:  Of course, he’ll need a nearby electrical source.  PUBLICITY:  Farquar will provide you with all the material you need;  photos,  features,  biographies,  CD’s and DVD’s.   Use these materials in your  promotional campaign to help boost attendance and insure a successful event!  Be sure to schedule and publish exact  performance times in advance.   The Professor and Polecat are quite media savvy.   They can provide a colorful story for local television and newspaper reporters;  and they also deliver lively radio interviews.  Both are full-time performers;  each with nearly four decades of professional experience in the entertainment field, and a truckload of fresh ideas to help make your event an unprecedented success!