(The Charlemagne of Charlatans)


“Step right up folks, the greatest one-man show west of the Mississippi is about to begin.  It’s a bona fide jim-dandy; and absolutely, positively guaranteed to purge melancholy!”

Professor B. T. Farquar

(Stage show and strolling acts)

Professor B. T. Farquar sets entertainment back more than a century, to the days of the old-time “medicine show.”  Unlike yesteryear’s snake oil hucksters,  Farquar peddles no elixirs or patent pills.  Instead, he freely dispenses copious amounts of laughter, surely the best medicine of all.

For over two decades, Farquar has enchanted audiences of all ages with an acoustic guitar and a commanding voice.  His repertoire is a tapestry of Americana; woven with timeless toe-tapping traditional tunes, bucolic ballads, lyrical laments, choice chanteys and droll ditties.  Programs with special themes include: Songs of the  Civil War,  America’s Celtic Heritage, Ozark Mountain Music and the Age of the Cowboy.  Farquar spins a mighty fine yarn to boot;  imparting comic  chronicles,  historic narratives  and unabashed balderdash.

The prestigious professor is also a mystifying master of magic.  With amazing demonstrations of illusion, psychic vision, sleight-of-hand, chicanery, hoodwinking and flimflam, he confounds even the most skeptical spectator (there’s lots of audience participation too)