(a lady of most intriguing abilities)


Polecat Annie

Better than she needs to be.

According to legend, she was a child of the wilderness; raised deep in the Ozark Mountains by a family of weasels.  Now Polecat Annie roams throughout  the countryside,  pulling an antique farm wagon full of archaic artifacts, telling tall tales and (upon occasion) playing percusssion for Professor Farquar’s Great American Medicine Show.

Annie is familiar with all of  the popular dances and diversions from the good old days.  She can read your palm or your aura.  She offers up personal instruction in rope twirling, tin plate juggling, lawn bowling, graces, pocket magic, cow patty spinning and Indian games of skill.  When it comes to old-fangled Victorian face art or Cheyenne war paint, she’s a daisy; and everybody  loves Annie’s unique balloon critters. They are real humdingers!